Belize is famous for its captivating blue holes, the world’s second-longest unbroken barrier reef, an extensive cave network, historic Mayan ruins, and a diverse underwater ecosystem, and over 450 cays that border the Caribbean, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Enjoy the favorable trade winds while you sail the calm waters of Belize. The country’s 300km-long Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System is UNESCO World Heritage protected and a renowned snorkeling and scuba destination.

Sailing in Belize can include a stop at the Blue Hole Natural Monument, an impressive 1,000ft-wide sinkhole ringed with coral. You will need to hire a skipper to visit this landmark, as it requires local, specialist knowledge to navigate in and out of the lagoon. The return journey takes around four days.

You can also visit the three atolls during your Belize yacht charter, including Glover’s Reef, Lighthouse Reef, and Turneffe. Explore this rich marine paradise and swim among 500 species of fish, 100 types of coral, sharks, rays, and dolphins. If you sail in open water, you will need a local skipper.

The sailing ground off the coast of Placencia is bursting with sandy low-lying cays where you can immerse yourself in beautiful, undeveloped, and peaceful surroundings.

Charter highlights include Coco Plum Cay, Wippari Cay, Lark Cay, South Water Cay, Lagoon Cay, and Hatchet Cay. There are three coral atolls outside of the reef.

If you’re sailing Belize, a certificate of competency is mandatory and will be issued by Belize Port Authority. If you sail in open water you will need a local skipper. The application should be made before your arrival. We will assist you and submit it for you locally.

Our base is located at Robert’s Grove Marina. If you need help planning your charter our team is available to help with any questions and to create your itinerary.


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