Our Crews are available for you to enjoy these our amazing Bali Catamarans on a Demise Charter three different ways:

1) The Elegant experience aboard our magnificent Bali catamarans is the perfect choice for guests seeking a luxurious and comfortable sailing vacation. The catamaran is crewed by a professional and attentive team, including a captain, first mate, and chef. Guests have the option to select their own menu, which is then prepared by the onboard chef and served on board, or they can choose to dine at famous local restaurants to complement their sailing adventure. Overall, this experience is designed to provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and personalized service.

2) The Friends and Family Cruise Plan offers an intimate and personalized sailing experience with the assistance of an experienced captain and first mate. Guests can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and exploring the local area with the guidance of their knowledgeable crew. Guests have the option of preparing meals and maintaining the galley, allowing for a more hands-on and interactive sailing experience.

3) The Able Sailor’s Package is designed for experienced charterers who want to improve their sailing skills and gain confidence in handling a larger catamaran. The package includes the assistance of a seasoned captain who can offer guidance and instruction, allowing guests to have a more hands-on sailing experience. With a focus on improving proficiency and comfort, guests can develop their sailing skills with the security of sailing with a knowledgeable and experienced captain.