5 Reasons to Consider 

Sailing Florida

Do you love sailing? Do you love sunshine in Florida? How about a combination of both?

Sailing Florida is great for obvious reasons, like the beautiful sunny weather, but there are other reasons why you should consider sailing Florida for your next vacation or travel experience. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider sailing Florida.


1. Beautiful Weather

Florida’s average temperature is a beautiful 70.7 degrees with approximately 2800 hours of sunshine throughout the year. (Weather-US). If you are on the coast of Florida, you’ll typically face a beautiful breeze, perfect for sailing. 

You know what that means? If you are planning a sail in Florida, more than likely, you will see at least a few hours of sunshine on the water. In summer months, it’s not uncommon to see rain showers in the afternoon, so we recommend sailing December through April when the weather is more predictable.


2. Extensive waterways

Florida is known for its extensive waterways – Want to sail in the Atlantic Ocean? Or how about the Gulf of Mexico? In Florida, we have both. 

With 825 miles of coastline (floridadep.gov), there is plenty to see from the water when sailing in Florida. You’ll notice something different every time you step aboard, and occasionally, the locals will swim right up to the boat!


3. Extensive Wildlife

We cannot even count how many times we’ve been on the water and seen dolphins, turtles, several species of fish, crabs, and sometimes sharks! 

The Bali catamarans are designed with this in mind. The bridge of the BALI is elevated, giving you a higher vantage point than your average charter boat, allowing you to spot wildlife from further away, and see it more clearly when they are near the boat. 


4. Various state parks and reserves

In Florida, there are various state parks and reserves accessible by water. One of our favorites is Egmont Key, located near St. Petersburg, FL. 

Egmont Key was used to safeguard the Tampa Bay area from the imminent Spanish American War back in the 1800’s. Jump off the boat and paddle to shore to explore the buildings that still stand, along with the Egmont Key Lighthouse. If you get lucky, you may even be greeted with the locals of the island – Gopher tortoise! 

When you are finished exploring the island, bask in the sun and float around in the refreshing water.


5. There’s something for everyone

Hang on the boat with friends sharing laughs and a drink, enjoy a picnic on the sand, explore state parks, or simply go for a sail without a destination.

How you sail Florida is up to you. Contact your charter planner, tell them what you are thinking, and they should help you plan a sail tailored to your wants and desires. Be sure to ask what is offered in addition to the sail – whether it be specialized meals and pickings, or a paddle board on deck for you to get more intimate with the island you want to explore. 


Sailicity Charters specializes in planning memorable sailing experiences for you and your friends or family. Our goal is to get you on the water – Sailing Simplicity. Contact us today if you are interested in Sailing Florida.

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